Webinar: How would you recover?

Lessons from 2016’s most interesting disasters

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” - George Santayana, 1905

It’s trite, but true: the worst disasters make for the best learning opportunities.

In 2016 we performed thousands of restores and recoveries for UK organisations. We’ve selected a few that stand out as excellent examples to review, and unpack, in order to break down how people reacted, and how the organisations involved recovered and survived.

Join us in examining 6 real events that occurred to UK organisations last year, in order to become more resilient and better prepared for disruption.

We’ll investigate the simple mistakes that caused extended downtime and how communication, recovery and resilience could have improved. How would your organisation fare in the same situation?

Register for the webinar to see how businesses in 2016 recovered from:

  • Floods & fires
  • Condemned buildings
  • Stolen hardware
  • Cyber attacks

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